Fractal Society: What Difference Does it Make?

These might be interesting ideas, but so what?

Does this even need to be answered/

Last night (July 6th, 2013) I watched a documentary on global warming.


And after that I watched the end of the movie of Schindler’s List.

Two man-made disasters.  Two places where the work of a single individual might seem meaningless.  xxxx, and Schindler did not save all the Jews in Poland.  But as the Talmud says “Whoever saves one life, saves the World entire.”

Now Schindler didn’t end the Holocaust, it ended because the Allies defeated Germany.  And for me–when I can remember it–the best example of Fractal Society making a difference can be seen in what happened on D-Day, on the beaches.  explain it.

Or maybe One Voice Can Change a Room.




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