What is in a name?

Why giving a name to this view makes a difference.

Romeo to the contrary not-withstanding, there is a lot in a name. I mean, if it wasn’t for the names, we might not have Romeo and Julliet the Mule-skinner’s daughter. Or going to a different play, if you say somebody is a”Shylcok” are you saying he is a philosopher or a cheap Jew?  And if you call somebody “A Jew” it could be taken as an insult, much more so than if you call somebody “A Christian.”

While the name is not the thing, any more than the menu is the meal  or the map the territory, it seems useful to be able to names things (is this in the bible someplace).

It seems important to give a name to certain things, so that we can know what they are.  Not that the name is the thing, but it at least points to the thing.  So just to indulge myself, and perchance to amuse you, ….

The Day I discovered Kissing

The was must have been close to (12/21/1968) and I was a senior in high school.  I was definitely the school football hero, due to an interesting chain of events.  At any rate, I had a very beautiful and sweet girlfriend named Trisha, who used to practice dancing in front of a mirror to “sunshine of your love” by Cream, and who was more advanced in the art of love than me.  Which is to say that even though I was a senior in high school,  I had never kissed a girl.  And worse than that, I had no idea of how one went about kissing.  I knew it had something to do with lips touching, – but that was all the recipe I had for kissing.  I had plenty of stories about kissing – “You kissed people You loved in a romantic way, it led to sex,” …. that might have been it.  SO here I am, a Senior in high school, dating this girl I really liked, and we used to hug outside by the smokestack for the schools heating system, and I didn’t know how to kiss her.

So one day I told her, “I really want to kiss you, but I don’t know how.”

“If you loved me, you’d know how,” she replied, which really wasn’t a great help.  I needed a recipe, or a demonstration would have been nice, and what I got was a story.

Several days or weeks after that my folks went to London for some event, and took my little sister with them, leaving me alone for awhile.  So one Friday afternoon after school Trisha and I  were lying on the couch in my folks living room. listening to Donovan records.  We were doing our usual hugging thing, and our lips were touching and were dry, so I licked them.  First I licked my won lips, and I guess I must have licked hers a little and while I don’t actually remember this I would bet she moaned or wiggled or did something to let me know that was good.  So then I  licked hers, and she licked mine, and  for the next ten or fifteen or twenty minutes we licked and did all types of interesting things with our lips and tongues.  At some point we got up and had something to eat, and then we walked over to the teen club.

Latter that evening we were slow dancing to “Sitting by the dock of the Bay” and Trisha said  to me, “I thought you said you didn’t know how to kiss?”

“I don’t,” I replied.

“Well, what do you think we were doing back there on the couch?”

“That was kissing?”

She nodded.

And that was the day I discovered kissing.

What seems important is that once I knew it was “kissing” we could talk about it, (wanna kiss?) or thing about it, and create web sites about it.

And what is important about giving FSATFOTI a name?

The strange this is, FSATFOTI is a name, the name came first, and then i started finding things to apply the name to, things that either reflected the name, or I could see because I had the name, or something like that (Sport example, where once you understand what a ‘mousetrap play’ is, you can see it and avoid it?

Maybe this is the main point.

  1. All of us, each of us has a world view, a way we see ourselves and others and the relations between ourselves an others; and that world view is fractal, it is made up of smaller world views.   While we don’t often think about this, we have given that view of the world (and remember your view is by definition different from mine and your Aunt Minnie’s) a name.  We might call it;
    1. things are
    2. how it is
    3. what is
    4. reality
    5. the Truth
  2. Our view of the world shapes how we see the world, what we can actually see.
    1. It isn’t that seeing is believing, it is that believing is seeing
    2. Imagine taking a little kid to see “Santa Clause.”
      1. The kids knows who the guy in the red suit is, and she sees one thing.
      2. You also know who the guy in the red suit is, and you see a very different thing.
  3. How we see things determines (in part at least) what we do, how we act
  4. The more ways we look at something the better we can understand it
  5. By including FSATFOTI in our arsenal of ways to view the world, we can understand the world more fully and deal with it more effectively

On the other hand

While you and i have lips and voices which

are to sing with

who cares if some one-eyed son of a bitch

invents an instrument to measure Spring with

for Joanne, of course.

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