Fractal Society: science or metaphor?

In NAME, I mentioned how I’ve been trying to write this thing for something like five or six years.  One of the problems I’ve been having is that we can take FSATFOTI as a metaphor, as a way to think about how things are OR we can attempt to take FSATFOTI as science, as a set of axioms, propositions and theories that can explain and predict behavior, and that can be tested empirically. So in a sense there are two books in here, in what I am writing. One of the books takes FSATFOTI as a metaphor, the other book attempts to make a science of it.

The first (Metaphoric) book doesn’t try to be scientific or testable in an objective way. The Metaphoric Book is more like poetry, or a vision. In those sections of this blog that take the metaphoric approach, I’m just trying to share ideas that you might find help. For example, “you and I are like the ring finger and thumb of a hand.”  If I remember that when a friend is annoying me, it might help me keep my temper (lose my temper – an interesting paradox about what “lose” means.)

The second (Scientific) book tries to present ideas that might lead to a complexity/fractal based science of psychology or sociology or something. The Scientific Book is more like a cookbook (here are the recipes to create certain things FIX), or travel guide (maybe?), or Euclid – Aristotle – Textbook on something or other FIX. Actually, what I’m trying to do in the Scientific Book is create a science of fractal society, a set of axioms, propositions, and theorems that can describe, explain, and predict how things are.

I’ve decided to present the metaphoric side of things first, in part because it seems more understandable, and in part because I’m not at all sure about the science (as if I were about the metaphors. 🙂

And as a small homage to my dad: “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, else what’s a metaphor?”

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