Change your view to change your world

One of the most interesting practices I know of is PCP (The Public Conversation Project.)  It is a group format for having constructive and enlightening discussions about challenging topics such as abortion, same sex unions, and …  Part of PCP is sharing with others in the groups what is at the heart of the matter for you.  This isn’t sharing the reasons you hold whatever view you hold, or your emotional reactions to challenges from others.  It focuses on what is most important to you about the topic under discussion. And strangely, by focusing on your personal experience you end up better understanding others. One of the ‘soup questions’ it asks you to share it “what is at the heart of the matter for you?”

In terms of FSATFOTI,occasionally I’ve wondered why I spend so much time thinking and writing about this, when i’m not sure if there is really much practical use for it, when it doesn’t have any pay-off I can see coming down the road.  So I asked myself, “what is the heart of the matter of fractal society for me?”

The heart of the matter is that I believe that when we (I guess I mean you or I) adopt the view of FSATFOTI, we are fundamentally changing how we view ourselves and the world and the relation between ourselves and our world.  And when we change how we see the world, we change how we act in the world, and when we change how we act in the world, we change the world.

Let’s set that up as links:

  1. Each of us (and each grouping to which we belong) has certain Basic Models of the Wold (BMWs – that is not an accident.
  2. Our BMW influences how we see things, and where we can go conceptually.  If part of one of my BMWs is ‘the world is a dangerous place’ then I will
    1. tend to see dangers where others might not, and
    2. act as if the world were a dangerous place, and  strangley
    3. might have/co-create a world that is more dangerous than most.
  3. The BMW is  an s-fract. Thus:
    1. It influences and is influences by (modifies?) other s-fracts (the siblings, children, parents…)
    2. It can change
      1. important note: What can self-modify and what can’t.


Let’s expand on that

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