Dharma and FSATFOTI

i’ve been practicing Dharma for the last thirty years or so, Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means “the truth” or “the ways things are.” When i use the term, i’m referring to “Buddha Dharma” which is the truth seen as a result of Buddhist practice.

Though I’ve been practicing Dharma for a long time (practice here means studying the teachings and putting them into action through things such as sitting meditation, tonglen, and visualization practice) and have made some progress, after FSATFOTI came to me, my practice really took off. Relatively speaking.

The postings in this category are my attempts to share the connections i see between the Dharma and the FSATFOTI view. And if i had to choose between the two, the Dharma is definitely more important. At least for moi.

mandelbrot to buddha fractal



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