Everybody wants to be happy, nobody wants to suffer

I think the Dali Lama said that once, and whether he did or not, it helps to remember it. It is easy to think that “those other people” are crazy, insane, and not at all like us.  They are inhuman, less than human, bat-shit crazy terrorists.

Of course, we might be talking about members of the Tea-Party, Radical Islamic extremists, Radical Christian extremists, or an ex-lover. The point is, we tend to de-humanize those with whom we disagree.

We tend to make them wrong.  Not just make their arguments wrong.  We make THEM wrong. And once we’ve made them wrong, made them less than fully human, then we can treat them like the animals they are.

So it might be good to remember that even though we think they are Orcs, they are actually human beings.  And it would be really good to remember that underneath it all, they probably just want to be happy.

Which brings us to the punchline of this posting.  Because I’ve found a way to make everybody happy.  To let everybody get exactly what they need to make everything all right.

Just click here.  And then click there.  It will be all right.

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