Fighting fire with fire

What a bad idea – particularly if we use it as a general guideline to life and living.

I mean come on.  If you want to put out a fire, doesn’t water make more sense than fire.  I know, I know.  You can make fire-breaks to keep forest fires under control, but just as a general first step, don’t you think that fighting fire with water makes more sense than fighting it with fire.

Now, I happen to know (having access to BING and Goggle and the like) that the actual phrase (according to wikipedia

And “meeting fire with fire” in a military setting could mean if they shoot at you, you shoot at them.  And while that might make sense in certain military operations, it’s a bad metaphor for fighting terrorism.  It would mean when a terrorist sets off a bomb killing civilians here, we set of a bomb killing civilians there. 

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