Aware Fractal Societies and Levels of Consciousness

This morning (9/21/2014 is a global Day of Awareness for Climate Change, with thousands or hundred of thousands of people marching in an attempt to get large organizations such as governments and giant corporations to address teh issues of climate change. One reason that millionos of people need to march is that some very wealthy and powerful entities (people and corporations) deny their actions have any impact on the climate.

I suspect (and would bet on it) that if tomorrow the 20 wealthiest people in the world woke up and recognized that human actions impact the climate and threaten our existence as a species, we’d see rapid change in how energy was produced and used.. Which brings me to my first attempt to create an Aware Fractal Society.

Aware Fractal Societies

Up until 2 minute ago, I’d never thought of the term “aware fractal societies,” so I guess I should tell you what it is. Fractal Society is a veiw of things that posits we are all intimately connected to each other in numerous ways. So the United States Army is a fractal society, as it the Catholic church,your family my family, Exxon, and any other group you could think of. Exxon does not think of itself as a fractal society, but it is one.

An aware fractal society is an entity that is aware of its reciprocal connections to the rest of the world (and the the connections within itself.) And my entity I mean any s-fractal; so that includes you and me, and “you and me” and your family and EXXON and EXXON’s Board of Directors.

So over forty years ago, when I was in college I used to do a lot of psychedelic drugs. What made these drugs so interesting was that they often changed my level of consciousness, they made me more aware of how intertwingled we all were, on physical, psychological and psychic/spiritual levels.The Vietnam War was going on at the time, and we spent a lot of effort protesting the war, and while our protests had some effect, it was frustrating.

One day I had this great thought “If anybody in the world would just take LSD at the same time, all our problems would be solved.” Looking back on that now I don’t think all our problems would have been solved, but …who knows?. And looking back at it now that I know about fractal society, I realize it was an attempt to create an aware fractal society.

Levels of Consciousness

This terms points to each of us (and perhaps many types of s-fractals) have different levels of consciousness at different times. By consciousness I mean something like the depth and breadth of our awareness.


So a person in a coma might have a certain type of consciousness that would be different from that same person sleeping or that same person waking up in the morning.  Most of us most of the time only experience a few levels of consciousness, but with some work (or the use of certain external stimuli) we can experience other levels.  One of these levels is pointed to by the phrase aware fractal society — we are conscious of, aware of, the intertwingled connections we have with the rest of the world.

Below is a chart listing some ways to think about these levels.





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