S-fractal strength

The reason or cause of using the terms fractal or s-fractal rather than holon are twofold;

  1. S-fracts display the self-similarity that is not necessarily seen in holons, and
  2. Teh s-fractal approach points to the connections between units/systems/things that may be vertical as well as horizontal. That is, while I am self-similar to my family and my religion, I also share that similarity wtih my sisters and fellow followers.

This morning (August 9th, 2013) after having read some Ken Wilbur and remembering his use of holons, it occured (isn’t that an interesting word to use) to me that

  1. there is a variation of similarity between different s-fracts, and
  2. it might be useful to measure or indicate the strength of those similarities.

i’m not aware of all the ramifications of this idea so i would really appreciate any feedback you wold like to share.

Basically, we can indicate how similar i am to Carol (older sister) or Holly (younger sister) or Ken Doka (a scholar i hardly know)  Or how similar a tea-party republican is to the Republican party, her church, ….  Or anything.

My guess is that the stronger the similarity that stronger the impact of the s-functions will be.

And that is as far as i’ve gotten.

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