S-Fracts, S-functions and Wavicles

If you want some idea about what wavicles are (or at least what i think they are) check out this page, which suggests that thinking of ourselves or our thoughts as wavicles might be useful. But it occurred to me that i can’t see any direct connection between wavicles and fractals.  So why talk it them on this site, other than my thinking they are interesting?

The goals of this site is to help us better understand and our world, so that we can improve/enjoy them both. And since FSATFOTI came to me i’ve that that to be so, at least in my life. And thinking of ourselves as wavicles can have the same effect.  So what is the connection beyond sharing that ability (to make things a bit “better”).

The problem with s-fracts

There is a problem with the idea of s-fracts in that it isn’t clear how they are actually connected.  The mathematical creation of fractal images occurs through recursive quadratic equations (that is at least one way to do it) and in that case the various fractals are connected through the equation.

My solution to that problem was to come up with s-functions, and that seems to work, at least in terms of thinking and theory and conceptual hoo-ha.  But while it worked, it wasn’t really satisfying. Which brings to mind “you can’t eat the menu.”

Another solution to the problem with s-fracts

i made a type in that heading, but i like it. That said, i’ve noticed that when i’m doing my meditation practice–on or off the mediation cushion, which means when i’m formally ‘meditating’ and when i’m just being awake and aware–i feel a connection with others. Those others might be my teacher, or Vajrasattva, or mom, or somebody at work. The point is i feel a connection more than just think we are connected.  Which doesn’t seem to be addressed by s-fracts or s-functions. My experience, which i experience more on the cushion than off it, is a feeling of oneness,of unity. Not only is there no difference between us (me and mom for example) but we are the same thing.  Not the same thing like two apples are the same thing.  More like two are halves of one.

But i know that i am me and mom is mom, or you are you. We might be family, but we are not one.  But it feels that way, it feels as if we are one. Which is where wavicles come into the play.

  •  The we are different is like being particles.
  • The we are one is like being waves.  Maybe like waves in the ocean. Which brings up the question of what is the ocean.

What are we waves of?

In shorthand, this is how it seems to me:



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