Sin and Deception as s-functions

Sin or the equivalent

We can think of this as either separation from god (Christian), or ignorance of what is (Buddhist.) And it could be interesting to thing of ‘sin’ as an s-function.

The deception function: why lying hurts

Earlier there was some discussion about the difference between complexity in physical systems and complexity in psycho-social systems (and I’m including cognitive, emotional… in that mix.) Another difference is that in physical systems one function can not “deceive” another, while in psycho-social systems they can. For example, if we are looking at the weather, computing future temperature, one factor is whether or not there is snow on the ground. Snow on the ground increases the amount of radiation that is reflected back into space, and so reduces the impact of a sunny day. There is either snow on the ground or not, and snow can’t pretend to be on the ground.

But if we are looking at some social system trying to predict something, and a factor is whether or not we think there is snow on the ground, the reporter can lie about it.

So the accuracy of the information comes into play, and the possibility of lying or deception is a factor. This can be self deception, or deception of another. If we want we could bring in Ullyses, and his ability to deceive others.

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