Three “flavors” of S-functions

i think of s-functions of the verbs in fractal society, the processes (i almost wrote ‘things’) that happen between s-fractals. And ever since the idea of fractal society came to me, i’ve been troubled by not knowing how to address things like prayer or tonglen. And this morning the idea of three flavors came to me, and seems to have solved the problem.

Physical s-functions

Think of smiling or frowning at somebody, donating money to some cause, shooting some kind whose hands are up, kissing or hugging.  These are examples of s-functions that happen on a physical level.

Cognitive s-functions

Think of thoughts or emotions and you are moving towards cognitive s-functions.  I can accept or reject an idea, feel anger or happiness or confusion, link one idea to another. These are cognitive s-functions, and for this to make sense we need to think of thoughts, ideas, and emotions as s-fractals.

Spiritual s-functions

If I pray for a sick friend, at one level that is a cognitive event.  But if that prayer actually does something, we could think of this as a spiritual even. I’m using “spiritual” to encompass what you might think of as mystic or psychic or paranormal.

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