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October 13, 2014


Sentient beings are brought to maturation through three forms of generosity: giving all, giving equally, and giving tirelessly. Bodhisattvas do not have even one iota of their own body or enjoyments that they are not willing to give to others if they see that it would help the other person to do so. They give all that they possess.

Moreover, their generosity does not simply benefit others by supplying them with the particular thing that is given. It benefits others in this life by completely fulfilling their wishes, and, as it also matures them and establishes them in virtue, which is the cause of the fulfillment of one’s wishes, it benefits them in future lives as well. Thus, bodhisattvas establish these beings in lasting happiness by planting the seed of liberation. In this way, generosity matures sentient beings by helping them in two ways, insofar as there are both temporary and lasting benefits.

Moreover, this generosity is practiced with equal regard for all. Since there are no biases in terms of the recipients’ moral standing, social position, or relation to oneself, they characteristically practice giving equally.

Finally, not content with giving a confined number of material things for a certain number of years or eons, a bodhisattva never knows enough of the qualities of generosity, even were he or she to continue giving until the end of cyclic existence.



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