April 3, 2014


In terms of transmission, in order to avoid charging up the ego, it is necessary to ask some external person to give you something, so that you feel that something is given to you. Then you don’t regard it as your wealth, which he or she is giving back to you, but as something very precious of his or hers. So one must also be very grateful to the teacher. That is a great protection against the ego, since you do not look on the awakened state as something discovered within yourself, but as something which someone else has given you. In reality, the transmission is simply discovered within oneself. All the teacher can do is to create the situation.

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April 4 is the 27th Anniversary of Chögyam Trungpa’s Parinirvana, or death. So this week, we offer two quotes on the role of the teacher.

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“Transmission” inMeditation in Action by Chögyam Trungpa, page 32

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