What is TOOT

TOOT is short for The Opposite of Terrorism.

It up while we were planning the first “Opposite of Terrorism” party, and the name stuck.  These parties were happening back in 2001, in the months after the 9/11 attacks.  TOOT sounds funny, and at the time humor was something we all needed.

One of the hallmarks of terrorists, and of those who are like terrorists, is that they belief that they – and only they – have the truth.  One of the opposites of terrorism is having a sense of humor.  Not so much in the slapstick or potty mouth type, but rather of the tyupe that makes us see things differently.  That this picture for example.


Seeing this — for a moment your mind stops, and you see things differently.  In a new light.  It might lead you to see possibilities that had’t existed just a moment ago.

OK.  Looking at this picture isn’t going to help you solve the problem of world hunger, or figure out how to deal with that really annoying co-worker. But a mind that can create or appreciate humor is a mind that can solve problems. Big problems.


I just picked this picture off wikipedia at random, but if you think of it in terms of TOOT — it is almost a second-order joke.

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