What should we do with hardened criminals?

Don’t you just love (or possibly hate) the things we can do with language? A person can be arrested for possessing a minute amount of some recreational drug, get thrown into jail, and henceforth be known as a “hardened criminal.”  Of course, to other people he might be known as Joe, or son, or  daddy.

We do this all the time, but rather than focus on what we call people who are in prisons, I’d like to direct your attention to “Good Vibrations,” an education project featuring Javanese gamelan, (that) has taken place in different formats in a variety of prisons in England and Scotland since 2003.  This is another DailyKos posting, and the gist of the article is that teaching inmates to play the gamelan is a useful intervention.

What’s special about Gamelan

Whats special about gamelan

Gamelan (Indonesian bronze percussion orchestra) is special for a number of reasons including:

What is most TOOTish about this is
  1. It is exceptionally communal,
  2. It allows for real diversity, 
  3. It creates the state of flow, and 
  4. It seem fun and live-affirming.

“If you’d like to hear some of their music,   click here.

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