Is our world a wavicle?

This morning (10/3/2014) while I was doing Manjushri practicie – Manjurshi being an embodiment of wisdom.  So in doing the practice I visualize myself as Manjushri, which for me is always weird since I’m clearly sitting there as Michael, but seeing myself as this energy body (I’m sure there is a better word) of wisdom.  The idea behind the practice is that I am Manshuri just as much as I am Michael. Which doesn’t make any sense — from one point of view.



And that was when I thought about St. Simeons island, and the ripples that appeared in the streams of water flowing from the “tidal pools” into the ocean. What happens is this stream of water is flowing into the ocean, and sometimes “standing waves” are formed, little bumps in the stream that look like a wave, but are just sitting there in the stream of water.  I’ve never seen just one of these by themselves, there are usually five or ten or more.  And sometimes they move, and disappear and then reappear.

So it came to me that perhaps I (and the whole world) could be seen (metaphorically) either as:

  • the ripples, or
  • the stream of water.

Which seems very much like wavicles.

So from the ripple view I am sitting there and Majushri is ‘out there.’ We are two distinct entities. Maybe real,maybe imagined

And from the stream of water view we are the same thing, or same things. Think about it. The stream of water is just a bunch of water particles flowing along, and what appears to be a ripple is just a collection of water particles gathered up – so to speak.There is a Buddhist term “skandha” which might be relevant here.

So a strange that just came to me: “Who had the idea of thinking of this in terms of wavicles?”

Michael or Manjushri?

Or is asking the question that way limiting my ability to see things as they are, since is a coming from just the particle point of view.

And as for the title of this entry “Is our world a wavicle?” it seems like a question worth dwelling on a bit.



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